Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why We Are Not Alone

Student Movement in Vienna

CSU Long Beach Students Against Budget Cuts:

Furlough Fest: CSU Fullerton

UCSC General Assembly

NYU Occupation

New School in Exile


  1. PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN TO PROTEST - WE NEED TO HURT THEM FINANCIALLY. 55% of undergrads need financial aid. All ucs except ucb and ucm are using the quarter system..What if 50% refuse to enroll this winter? UCs only dismiss you if your gpa is less than 2.0 for a quarter..We’ll say we couldn’t afford it..The very least we can all do is to refuse to buy anything on campus - We need to work together - THIS WILL BE THE END OF HIGHER PUBLIC EDUCATION - THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM

  2. We need to organize in the streets of Los Angeles, and then in Sacramento. Let people know how this happened and who is accountable for this..Arnold and so on..Our message needs to be understood. The protests make us look bad – the cops were just doing their job. We need people to WANT to hear us.